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Cookbook 166: Have your bake & eat it

I’m not entirely sure where Have your bake & eat it by Casual Cooking came from. It was a book I cooked from in 2019 and then lost all the photos (and almost all the memories of) from, so I cooked from it again. It’s out of print now (the link above is an ebay …

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Cookbook 108: Crafternoon Tea recipe book

I supported this project on Pozible, and received a copy of Crafternoon Tea recipe book: a patchwork of delightful teatime treats, by Fossick Handmade.  Sadly it doesn’t look like this book is actually available for purchase online, you might want to check Fossick Handmade’s Facebook page and ask them if you want a copy. The …

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Cookbook 104: The Australian Women’s Weekly One Pot: Low-fuss food for busy people

One Pot: Low-fuss food for busy people was a birthday gift to myself, because AWW cookbooks are good, and one pot recipes in the colder months are the best invention ever.  Scott wanted to make a bourguignon recipe, and I remembered that this book had one with lamb shanks, so we went with that.  It …

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Cookbook 65: The Preserving Book

My sister bought me this book because she is awesome.  Again it was part of my, “I need books that will help me preserve my harvest in very tasty ways” desire, and it met my needs perfectly. The Preserving Book is one that is great for beginners at preserving such as myself.  It lists techniques, …

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Cookbook 35: The Australian Women’s Weekly Family Favourites

It sits there looking at me, a beautiful picture on the cover of this book, The Australian Women’s Weekly Family Favourites, of macaroni and cheese with olives.  I’m all for macaroni and cheese, but want mine without olives because I’m not a fan.  But I did not buy this book for the macaroni and cheese …

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Cookbook 25: Bake: Celebrating the time-honoured tradition of home baking

I had a busy weekend, and so thought I’d do some baking, and I was bought a wonderful bench mixer by a fantastic group of people who love me, so I couldn’t not use it because that would be rude.  I chose to cook from the Australian Women’s Weekly, Bake: Celebrating the time-honoured tradition of …

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