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Cookbook 142: Week Light

So… I hope isolation is treating you well, that you’ve survived CoVid successfully so far. It’s been a ride, and it isn’t even close to over yet. Please get vaccinated when a vaccine is found, it’s better to be inoculated than not (no, I will not be accepting arguments at this time). Also, sorry for …

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Cookbook 132: The Jewelled Kitchen

The Jewelled Kitchen by Bethany Kehdy is a stunningly beautiful cookbook.  I bought it because it looked so beautiful and I was intrigued by the recipes inside.  Sadly, despite it being beautiful, the recipes did not work for me the way I hoped and it was a tiny bit disappointing.  I think that as I …

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Cookbook 84: Cooking for compliments

I can only assume that Scott’s mother bought this book second hand somewhere due to nostalgia, and then gave it to Scott when he moved out, so he’d have a cookbook that she really loved.  Cooking for compliments by Ruth Morgan was published in 1968, it’s lovely full of UK Imperial measurements and is surprisingly …

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Cookbook 36: Secrets of the Beechworth Bakery

The Secrets of the Beechworth Bakery by Tom O’Toole with Lowell Tarling and Matthew McLaurin book styles itself as both a cookbook and a self help book.  In fact Dymocks (the link above) has the book in their “Biographies and Autobiographies” when they have it in stock.  This book has been superseded by “MORE Secrets …

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