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Cookbook 183: La Paella

I wanted a good paella cookbook, one that wasn’t from the US, and it turns out that they’re not that easy to find. Eventually I settled on La Paella by Louise Pickford, an author who was born in the UK, lived in Australia and now has moved to France. I thought she’d probably be able …

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Cookbook 147: Now for something sweet

It was the start of lock down (a million years ago) and there was concern about everyone who had a book launch around this time because suddenly there were no events, and how would people know about all these great books. One of the books launched was Now for Something Sweet by the Monday Morning …

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Cookbook 51: Cakes & Slices Cookbook

This week I cooked from one of my favourite cake cookbooks, the Australian Women’s Weekly, Cakes and Slices Cookbook (available second hand in places if you look for it).  I wanted to steal my mother’s copy of this book when I moved out of home I loved it so much, but she wouldn’t let me.  …

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Cookbook 13: Brownies, Fudges & Toppings

I decided that it was time for more sweet things, and this week looked at the Family Circle mini cookbook on Brownies, Fudges & Toppings (now out of print).  The recipes are all straight forward, the instructions clear (and obviously tested) and they are so very very very tasty.

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