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Cookbook 157: Hungarian Cook Book

I picked up the very imaginatively named Hungarian Cook Book by Tamás Bereznay at a souvenir shop in Budapest some years ago, as a gift to Scott who wasn’t on that trip with me (I was travelling with James, Nigel and Jacinta). I specifically chose this book because it had a decent vegetarian section which …

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Cookbook 151: Polska – New Polish Cooking

I bought Polska: New Polish Cooking by Zuza Zak because I wanted Pierogi recipes. And then it took me ages to get around to making them, and sadly I haven’t yet made them again. Not all the dishes were successful when cooking from this recipe book, and I know how to fix the one that …

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Cookbook 110: Vegie Food: from vegies on the side to the main event

My sister kindly gave me this book recently, she found it at a second-hand shop going cheaply and she thought I’d like the recipes in it.  She wasn’t wrong, Vegie Food: from vegies on the side to the main event, is full of great recipes.  It’s also out of print so probably generally hard to …

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Cookbook 83 (ish): Asian Cooking Made Easy

As we’ve previously established, I am addicted to cookbooks.  I find it very hard to say “no” when someone makes me an amazing offer of “buy these recipes on a periodical basis for not very much money, and we’ll throw in the supporting folders and other information”, I generally say, “yes please”.  And this is …

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Cookbook 52: the cook’s companion

This time I cooked from the much loved, and epic, the cook’s companion by stephanie alexandre, touted as “The complete book of ingredients and recipes for the Australian kitchen”.  It’s a great book, it is incredibly thorough and lists far more recipes than I’ll likely ever cook in my entire life.  It is aimed at …

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Cookbook 40: Homecooked: Favourite receipes from Australian Kitchens

So I found this beautiful cookbook, Homecooked: Favourite recipes from Australian Kitchens.  I can’t remember now if I bought it new or second hand, I’m thinking second hand as it was published in 2006 and I don’t recall getting it until the last couple of years.  Anyway, the cookbook is a collection of recipes submitted …

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