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Cookbook 31: Jams & Chutneys: Preserving The Harvest

I didn’t have time this weekend to cook, and had initially planned to visit my parents which was rescheduled.  But I then filled my weekend with White Night and other fun activities. That said, I had over a kilo of tomatoes to turn into something useful other than just dinner, so I pulled out Jams …

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Cookbook 30: Quick ‘n’ Easy Asian Wok & Stir Fry

So I cooked from the Uncle Ben’s and Kan Tong, and Masterfood sponsored Quick ‘n’ Easy Asian Wok and Stir Fry by Robyn Martin.  This book is out of print, and really that’s probably not an unfortunate occurrence.  It is true that the recipes are quick and relatively easy, but they’re just not very interesting. …

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Cookbook 29: Risottos Pilafs & Paellas

This cookbook is from the family circle publishing house and is Risottos Pilafs and Paellas (I don’t know where the errant comma went, I assume it’s having a good time somewhere). I bought this cookbook an age ago to learn how to make risottos as I loved to eat them but had no idea on …

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Cookbook 28: 500 Best-Ever Recipes Mediterranean

The text on the front cover of 500 Best-Ever Recipes Mediterranean includes, “Traditional, best-loved regional dishes from Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Greece, France and Italy…”.  This means that other Mediterranean countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, etc aren’t listed as being in this book, even though some of their recipes are. I also have …

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