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Cookbook 142: Week Light

So… I hope isolation is treating you well, that you’ve survived CoVid successfully so far. It’s been a ride, and it isn’t even close to over yet. Please get vaccinated when a vaccine is found, it’s better to be inoculated than not (no, I will not be accepting arguments at this time). Also, sorry for …

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A birthday feast in two courses

So I promised my sister that I’d make her a birthday feast at a time that worked for both of us, as a gift to her.  This weekend was the weekend in which we did it.  Jacinta’s (my sister) task was to select recipes that she wanted from my cookbooks.  As you can guess, this …

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Cookbook 46: Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook

Another one from the late 70s/early 80s stable of the Australian Women’s Weekly – the Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook.  Like many of the books produced by AWW around this time, it could do with some better play testing before being released into the wider market.  There are some really nice recipes in here, and they’re …

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