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Cookbook 88: Tagines & Couscous

I purchased the Australian Women’s Weekly Tagines & Couscous when I was teaching myself how to make Moroccan food, and then never cooked from it because I had several other Moroccan cookbooks which were less focused on certain cooking types.  Like all modern/recent AWW cookbooks, this one is well laid out with clear instructions for …

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Cookbook 52: the cook’s companion

This time I cooked from the much loved, and epic, the cook’s companion by stephanie alexandre, touted as “The complete book of ingredients and recipes for the Australian kitchen”.  It’s a great book, it is incredibly thorough and lists far more recipes than I’ll likely ever cook in my entire life.  It is aimed at …

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Cookbook 24: Moroccan Bible

So I cooked from the Moroccan Bible, which was less of a bible and more of a half decent cookbook.  It’s not a bad cookbook, it’s just not good either.  Some of the instructions are vague, “bring to the boil and then cook for X minutes” – does cooking involve a rolling boil, or is …

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Cookbook 10: Meals in Minutes

As I was rather busy this weekend I thought I’d try The Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook, Meals in Minutes.  This cookbook belongs to Scott, and so by virtue of our relationship, ends up being mine and one that must be cooked from – well that’s my excuse.  The recipes are relatively straight forward, rely on …

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Cookbook 3: Sri Lankan Flavours: A journey through the island’s food and culture

This weekend’s book was Sri Lankan Flavours: A journey through the island’s food and culture with recipes by Channa Dassanayaka (a Melburnian it turns out).  I cooked for 7 for this meal, and there are several important lessons I learnt. PREPARE ALL THE INGREDIENTS FOR THE DISH BEFORE YOU START TO COOK The serving size …

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