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Jan 07

Cookbook 132: The Jewelled Kitchen

The Jewelled Kitchen by Bethany Kehdy is a stunningly beautiful cookbook.  I bought it because it looked so beautiful and I was intrigued by the recipes inside.  Sadly, despite it being beautiful, the recipes did not work for me the way I hoped and it was a tiny bit disappointing.  I think that as I …

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Mar 22

Cookbook 102: Best of Vegetarian

I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but February and March have been really busy for me – too busy to even cook from cookbooks.  There has been a big birthday party to organise, an international guest visiting, my wedding anniversary, illness, going away, and lots of other things cropping up on the …

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Dec 28

Cookbook 98: Cook it Slow

The Australian Women’s Weekly Cook It Slow was a birthday present to Scott from me, after he saw it at Dymocks when we were killing time between things.  And because it is a cookbook and is on my shelves, I cooked from it, and it was good. Being a recent Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook, it …

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May 07

Cookbook 74: Spice Market

I never thought that I’d say this as part of this project, but I have a new favourite cookbook.  Spice Market by Jane Lawson is amazing.  I cannot recommend clicking on that link and buying that book strongly enough.  The recipes I made (and I made quite a number this week) are amazing and tasty, …

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Oct 20

Cookbook 52: the cook’s companion

This time I cooked from the much loved, and epic, the cook’s companion by stephanie alexandre, touted as “The complete book of ingredients and recipes for the Australian kitchen”.  It’s a great book, it is incredibly thorough and lists far more recipes than I’ll likely ever cook in my entire life.  It is aimed at …

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Apr 06

Cookbook 35: The Australian Women’s Weekly Family Favourites

It sits there looking at me, a beautiful picture on the cover of this book, The Australian Women’s Weekly Family Favourites, of macaroni and cheese with olives.  I’m all for macaroni and cheese, but want mine without olives because I’m not a fan.  But I did not buy this book for the macaroni and cheese …

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Jan 13

Cookbook 24: Moroccan Bible

So I cooked from the Moroccan Bible, which was less of a bible and more of a half decent cookbook.  It’s not a bad cookbook, it’s just not good either.  Some of the instructions are vague, “bring to the boil and then cook for X minutes” – does cooking involve a rolling boil, or is …

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Nov 09

Cookbook 17: The Essential Rice Cookbook

I bought this book on sale at a bookshop which has downsized and only now has one store that I am aware of.  I bought it because the word “rice” is the biggest word in the title, and rice is one of my biggest comfort foods.  The idea of having an entire book of comfort …

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Sep 17

Cookbook 11: a month in Marrakesh

This weekend’s book was Andy Harris’s book a month in Marrakesh, which was less successful from my end.  The starter we had was fantastic, the rest of the meal I was less than impressed with.  This was not the cook book’s fault, more that my taste and the flavours in the dishes I selected were …

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Jul 16

Cookbook 5: chocolate

So this week, just to do something different, I picked up chocolate, by Australian Gourmet Traveller, for something different.  This time, as there were no meat dishes, I cooked 4 recipes, a biscuit, bread, pie, and pudding.  I remembered to take photos, and everything was incredibly good, though some were quite fiddly.  I’ll list the …

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