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Cookbook 116: Culinaria Hungary

I wanted a Hungarian cookbook, because I love Hungarian food (If you live in Melbourne, you really should try The Hungarian sometime).  I looked online for recommendations and Culinaria Hungary was recommended by many people for both the recipes as well as the explanation of Hungarian culture, origins of food, the people, and the country …

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Cookbook 115: Curry: Fragrant dishes from India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia

I bought Curry: Fragrant dishes from India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia after flipping through my sister’s copy when I was visiting her for lunch.  It looked interesting, I like curries, and my sister said that the recipes she’d made from it were quite tasty.  So of course I wanted to try it out. I was …

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Cookbook 44: vegie food: low-fat & delicious

This weekend’s book was the Australian Women’s Weekly vegie food: low-fat & delicious.  Quite frankly I’d rather see a “vegie food – all the tastiness we can cram in, bugger the fat”, but apparently that isn’t done.  I’m not going to get into the argument that vegetarianism is better for your health than any other …

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Cookbook 27: Curry Bible

So I decided to make some curries, and good curries they were from the Curry Bible (or as it probably should have been called the Curry Gita).  Sadly this book is out of print, which explains why I got it so cheaply (though technically it should increase in price the rarer it is, but that’s …

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Cookbook 11: a month in Marrakesh

This weekend’s book was Andy Harris’s book a month in Marrakesh, which was less successful from my end.  The starter we had was fantastic, the rest of the meal I was less than impressed with.  This was not the cook book’s fault, more that my taste and the flavours in the dishes I selected were …

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Cookbook 9: Turkish Cooking

This cookbook is Turkish Cooking by Tess Mallos.  Full of some really amazing recipes and one I definitely want to pick up again. A few tips before you start it is vitally important (I have discovered) that when purchasing dried beans for a recipe, that you make you sure purchase dried beans, and not (as …

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