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Jan 07

Cookbook 131: Pasta

I found this in a box of stuff Scott’s parents had given him, which had been sitting in the garage for some time.  Hamlyn’s CookSmart, Easy Cooking Great Eating, Pasta, seems to be out of print in the edition I have (here), but I believe the first one I linked to is more or less …

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Jan 02

Cookbook 127: The International Garlic Cookbook

So I’ve been busy, too busy to cook regularly and too busy to blog about what I have cooked.  My new years resolution for 2017 is to cook more and to blog about it quicker, though this might require me to be less busy.  We’ll see how it goes.  And Happy New Year for 2017.  …

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Jul 10

Cookbook 124: The Working Cook: Quick recipes for busy people

I found The Working Cook: Quick recipes for busy people, by Carina Cooper, in Coburg’s Little Free Library.  I was lucky, because after I found this book and took it home, someone set the Little Free Library on fire, and everything was destroyed.  It’s since been restored, and I need to drop by again and …

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Jan 02

Cookbook 99: Relish Mama

I backed Relish Mama by Nellie Kerrison on Kickstarter or Pozible because I thought it sounded good, and supporting Australian authors is something I like to do.  The book is full of amazing recipes, great photos and it is very clear that Kerrison loves food, loves sharing her cooking knowledge, and wants everyone who obtains …

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Dec 14

Cookbook 96: 4 Ingredients

This isn’t my cookbook.  4 Ingredients by Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham isn’t a book I was all that interested in cooking from either, as the whole idea of cooking with only 4 ingredients wasn’t particularly appealing.  I understand that this book is aimed at people who have little experience with cooking and/or who are …

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Jun 24

Cookbook 80: Vegie Main Meals

I cooked from the Australian Women’s Weekly Vegie Main Meals, and I was not disappointed.  The book states, “Triple Tested” on the front, and all the recipes were a delight – as you’d hope they were coming from the AWW kitchen.  The instructions were straightforward and easy to understand, the decision as to what to …

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Mar 27

Cookbook 70: Vegetable Bible

This week I cooked from Vegetable Bible: From the Earth to the table (now out of print – link not recommended for purchases).  The recipes were tasty, but required a knowledge of cooking to work successfully.  There were a few times in the recipes I made where I wondered why an ingredient was listed (turned …

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Sep 23

From the memory bank – Chicken and eggplant pasta

This weekend I’m visiting my parents in country Victoria so probably won’t get to cook from any of my books (unless I find I share one with my parents and the ingredients are available).  So to tide you over, here is a quick, easy, and tasty recipe I make when I have the ingredients around.  …

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