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Jan 07

Cookbook 132: The Jewelled Kitchen

The Jewelled Kitchen by Bethany Kehdy is a stunningly beautiful cookbook.  I bought it because it looked so beautiful and I was intrigued by the recipes inside.  Sadly, despite it being beautiful, the recipes did not work for me the way I hoped and it was a tiny bit disappointing.  I think that as I …

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Jul 10

A birthday feast in two courses

So I promised my sister that I’d make her a birthday feast at a time that worked for both of us, as a gift to her.  This weekend was the weekend in which we did it.  Jacinta’s (my sister) task was to select recipes that she wanted from my cookbooks.  As you can guess, this …

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Jul 20

Cookbook 114: the Bowler’s Meatball Cookbook: Ballsy Food. Ballsy Flavours

James spotted this book at a friend’s house and browsed through it while they were making him some dinner.  He fell in love instantly and texted me to say that I had to buy the Bowler’s Meatball Cookbook by Jez Felwick as it was full of delicious recipes.  He was right. Despite the title, the …

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Jan 26

Cookbook 101: Steam Cooking

We got Steam Cooking: 100 delicious and healthy food recipes for all steamers by Jenny Stacey forever and ever ago.  I cooked one dish from it once, but never really touched it again, and the recipes I made from this this time reminded me why.  Because we were eating with 2 vegetarians I steamed some …

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Nov 04

Cookbook 55: Classic Indian: Easy, delicious and authentic recipes

This recipe book is Classic Indian: Easy, delicious and authentic recipes, with a forward by Rafi Fernandez (out of print).  I didn’t find the recipes delicious or as a result overly authentic.  They used all the right spices, but still somehow managed to make food that was quite dull, so they either used the right …

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Sep 10

Cookbook 48: The bon appétit fast easy fresh cookbook

A long time ago, before I went on holidays, and before the rush to be ready for holidays, say farewell to people, and pack… I cooked from Barbara Fairchild’s The bon appétit fast easy fresh cookbook (I’m not sure what should be capitalised or not).  The food was delicious, but the recipes were very US …

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Mar 15

Cook Book 33: great vegetarian food

I cooked from the Australian Women’s Weekly great vegetarian food cook book… and I wasn’t impressed.  It wasn’t very interesting, and apparently vegetarians don’t use salt, ever, in anything, even when you would use salt.  All the dishes, as far as I was concerned, were lacking in flavour and needed more herbs, spices, garlic, onion, …

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Jan 13

Cookbook 24: Moroccan Bible

So I cooked from the Moroccan Bible, which was less of a bible and more of a half decent cookbook.  It’s not a bad cookbook, it’s just not good either.  Some of the instructions are vague, “bring to the boil and then cook for X minutes” – does cooking involve a rolling boil, or is …

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