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Jul 19

Cookbook 112: Sweet food: delicious sweet treats that will cure any craving

It was a cold day and Jacinta had kindly bought me a cook book that she found in an Op shop, and so Sweet Food: Delicious sweet treats that will cure any craving, sounded like a fine idea to bake from.  I also had many lemons lying around as there had been someone with a …

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Jun 08

Cookbook 108: Crafternoon Tea recipe book

I supported this project on Pozible, and received a copy of Crafternoon Tea recipe book: a patchwork of delightful teatime treats, by Fossick Handmade.  Sadly it doesn’t look like this book is actually available for purchase online, you might want to check Fossick Handmade’s Facebook page and ask them if you want a copy. The …

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Jan 02

Cookbook 99: Relish Mama

I backed Relish Mama by Nellie Kerrison on Kickstarter or Pozible because I thought it sounded good, and supporting Australian authors is something I like to do.  The book is full of amazing recipes, great photos and it is very clear that Kerrison loves food, loves sharing her cooking knowledge, and wants everyone who obtains …

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Aug 12

Cookbook 85: Family Favourites

My husband bought the Family Circle Healthy Eating, Family Favourites cookbook while shopping once, and I wasn’t hugely inspired by it, so never cooked from it.  I rectified that recently, and remain uninspired.  The main dishes I made weren’t bad, but the dessert was a disaster.  I don’t think I’ll be keeping this beyond this …

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Jun 09

Cookbook 78: The Best of Clay Pot Cooking

Do you ever wonder why some cookbooks have dust jackets, especially when the hard cover of the book is exactly the same as the print on the dust jacket?  Me too. The Best of Clay Pot Cooking by Dana Jacobi was a book I bought in the hope of finding recipes to use my clay …

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Jun 26

Cookbook 43: the food of spain: a journey for food lovers

This book is amazing, there is no other way to put it.  If you like Spanish food, or even simple to make, but incredibly delicious food, then I highly recommend the food of spain: a journey for food lovers.  Nothing in this book was wrong.  The recipes were all straightforward, there were no mistakes and …

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Jun 10

Cookbook 41: Cooking Class Cookbook

And may I present the Australian Women’s Weekly Cooking Class Cookbook.  I suspect that this cookbook was published before the AWW ensured their recipes were all triple tested, because there are some very odd instructions here, and some very weird page layout decisions.  Also, the photography dates from the late 70s early 80s, so the …

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Feb 10

Cookbook 28: 500 Best-Ever Recipes Mediterranean

The text on the front cover of 500 Best-Ever Recipes Mediterranean includes, “Traditional, best-loved regional dishes from Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Greece, France and Italy…”.  This means that other Mediterranean countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, etc aren’t listed as being in this book, even though some of their recipes are. I also have …

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Jan 01

Cookbook 23: 1000 Best-Ever Recipes from AWW

So the Australian Women’s Weekly, 1000 Best-Ever Recipes from AWW was on sale at some point for significantly less than the RRP, and I bought a copy of it.  Because despite the casual sexism (yes they have a section titled “just like mum made”), the recipes are triple tested and generally fairly easy for follow.  …

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Nov 14

Cookbook 18: The new Muffin cookbook

It was Scott’s birthday this weekend so I asked him what he wanted cooked to celebrate his birthday.  He chose muffins, one of his favourite food groups.  I even got him to choose the recipes so he picked his favourite flavours.  All these recipes are by Family Circle, in the new Muffin cookbook.  They’re pretty …

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