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Cookbook 50: The Top One Hundred Italian Dishes

A long time ago (about 1994), I discovered that DoubleDay would send you books fairly cheaply when you joined up, so I ordered this book, The Top One Hundred Italian Dishes, by Diane Seed.  It’s an interesting book, with all the pictures of food being hand drawn illustrations, which doesn’t help with some of the …

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Cookbook 49: Ottolenghi The Cookbook

Another pre-holiday cookbook, the weekend before I was scheduled to fly out of the country for a weekend, so really not the best time to be planning elaborate meals.  To challenge myself even further, I picked Yotam Ottolenghi’s Ottolenghi The Cookbook, a book I’d ordered online a couple of years ago after finding out it …

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Cookbook 35: The Australian Women’s Weekly Family Favourites

It sits there looking at me, a beautiful picture on the cover of this book, The Australian Women’s Weekly Family Favourites, of macaroni and cheese with olives.  I’m all for macaroni and cheese, but want mine without olives because I’m not a fan.  But I did not buy this book for the macaroni and cheese …

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