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Jan 02

Cookbook 127: The International Garlic Cookbook

So I’ve been busy, too busy to cook regularly and too busy to blog about what I have cooked.  My new years resolution for 2017 is to cook more and to blog about it quicker, though this might require me to be less busy.  We’ll see how it goes.  And Happy New Year for 2017.  …

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Mar 14

Cookbook 121: Moroccan soup bar: Recipes of a spoken menu and a little bit of spice

Because my husband’s boyfriend is a lovely and awesome man, he bought me the newly released Moroccan soup bar: Recipes of a spoken menu and a little bit of spice cookbook for Christmas.  I have been waiting for this cookbook for many many years.  I have eaten at the Moroccan Soup Bar several times, and …

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Jun 28

Cookbook 111: a Nonya Inheritance

I was in Penang for a week recently, and one of the things I did in order to prepare for the holiday (and survive a really stressful week) was book a cooking course.  Penang food, to me, is the essence of Malaysian cuisine, and I wanted to learn all I could about it. I researched …

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Apr 26

Cookbook 105: Paella! Spectacular Rice Dishes from Spain

I bought Paella! Spectacular Rice Dishes from Spain by Penelope Casas some years ago when I thought it’d be nice to learn how to cook Spanish food.  I didn’t have a paella pan at the time so this book sat on my shelf waiting for the moment when I got one. That happened to be …

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Mar 22

Cookbook 102: Best of Vegetarian

I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but February and March have been really busy for me – too busy to even cook from cookbooks.  There has been a big birthday party to organise, an international guest visiting, my wedding anniversary, illness, going away, and lots of other things cropping up on the …

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Jan 26

Cookbook 101: Steam Cooking

We got Steam Cooking: 100 delicious and healthy food recipes for all steamers by Jenny Stacey forever and ever ago.  I cooked one dish from it once, but never really touched it again, and the recipes I made from this this time reminded me why.  Because we were eating with 2 vegetarians I steamed some …

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Nov 09

Cookbook 92: Fast Asian

Fast Asian, a part of the Family Circle mini cookbooks, was picked up somewhere, and like many of my cookbooks prior to this project, never used.  Which, as it turns out, is an absolute shame, because there are some top recipes in this book, and as it promises, they are fast.  It took more time …

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Oct 12

Cookbook 90: Sizzle

Not quite sure where this cookbook came from.  I don’t recall buying it, which doesn’t mean I didn’t, but I have a sneaking suspicion that James was interested in the stir fry nature of the recipes.  This book does have a good representation of vegetarian recipes, but when I cooked from it there were only …

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May 18

Cookbook 76: Margaret Fulton’s Italian Cookbook

I have a vague memory of buying this cookbook, it’s certainly mine, as it has my name written very carefully inside in my teenaged script.  It’s also very much a second hand purchase, probably from the Daylesford Bookbarn, where I would spend my allowance on second hand cookbooks whenever we went there for a picnic. …

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Dec 30

Cookbook 60: spice notes and recipes

I can’t remember where or when I got this book, but it’s written by one of Australia’s best known spice experts, and contains a wealth of knowledge on spices and herbs, including Australian spices and herbs.  Each listing has a little bit about the history of the spice or herb, where it originated, how it …

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