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Jan 02

Cookbook 129: The Complete Asian Cookbook: indonesia malaysia & singapore

I have problems with a book styling itself as The Complete Asian Cookbook: indonesia malaysia & singapore (by Charmaine Solomon) because that’s not all of Asia, even if it is a part of Asia whose food I really enjoy.  Oddly enough there are twice as many recipes for Indonesia than there are for Malaysia and …

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Jan 02

Cookbook 128: BBQ Secrets – Summer BBQ Guide

I backed Rich Evans’s BBQ Secrets: Summer BBQ Guide on Kickstarter because it’s always great to have new ideas for making BBQs more interesting, and we’ve already incorporated one of the recipes (the corn below) into how we cook BBQs permanently.  There are more recipes in here I want to try (except for the seafood, …

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Jul 10

A birthday feast in two courses

So I promised my sister that I’d make her a birthday feast at a time that worked for both of us, as a gift to her.  This weekend was the weekend in which we did it.  Jacinta’s (my sister) task was to select recipes that she wanted from my cookbooks.  As you can guess, this …

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Apr 26

Cookbook 106: Mexican: Authentic recipes from south of the border

So when it was my birthday, and there was a cookbook sale, and I indulged (because birthday), I was very excited to see Mexican: Authentic recipes from south of the border by the Australian Women’s Weekly, because my previous Mexican cookbook left me uninspired and wanting a book that was far better.  The AWW does …

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Jul 26

Cookbook 83 (ish): Asian Cooking Made Easy

As we’ve previously established, I am addicted to cookbooks.  I find it very hard to say “no” when someone makes me an amazing offer of “buy these recipes on a periodical basis for not very much money, and we’ll throw in the supporting folders and other information”, I generally say, “yes please”.  And this is …

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Jun 24

Cookbook 80: Vegie Main Meals

I cooked from the Australian Women’s Weekly Vegie Main Meals, and I was not disappointed.  The book states, “Triple Tested” on the front, and all the recipes were a delight – as you’d hope they were coming from the AWW kitchen.  The instructions were straightforward and easy to understand, the decision as to what to …

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Jun 15

Cookbook 79: Classic Cajun: Hot and spicy Louisiana Cooking

I bought this book as a part of three, the other two (African, Indian) I’ve already cooked from as part of this project.  Classic Cajun: Hot and spicy Louisiana cooking, with a foreword by Rube Le Bois is not a book that my capsicum allergic, vegetarian housemate could partake of.  All but one vegetable recipe …

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Feb 28

Cookbook 67: Indonesia and the Philippines

This cookbook, Classic Recipes, Taste and Traditions of Indonesia and the Philippines by Ghillie Basan, Terry Tan and Vilma Laus did not impress me.  There was potential, but a lot of it was wasted.  Many of the recipes called for ingredients that are difficult to find, the recipes were overly fiddly, and there are very …

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May 14

Cookbook 39: Thai Cooking

So I cooked from the Family Circle, step-by-step Thai Cooking recipe book.  It was good, though not particularly vegetarian friendly (lots of fish sauce).  The green curry with chicken was a favourite, though watery – again the fault of our coconut cream and not the recipe.  The book overall has great recipes, good photos of …

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Jan 01

Cookbook 23: 1000 Best-Ever Recipes from AWW

So the Australian Women’s Weekly, 1000 Best-Ever Recipes from AWW was on sale at some point for significantly less than the RRP, and I bought a copy of it.  Because despite the casual sexism (yes they have a section titled “just like mum made”), the recipes are triple tested and generally fairly easy for follow.  …

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