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Jul 10

Cookbook 124: The Working Cook: Quick recipes for busy people

I found The Working Cook: Quick recipes for busy people, by Carina Cooper, in Coburg’s Little Free Library.  I was lucky, because after I found this book and took it home, someone set the Little Free Library on fire, and everything was destroyed.  It’s since been restored, and I need to drop by again and …

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Feb 16

Cookbook 119: The Australian Women’s Weekly: All-time Favourites

I decided, thanks to a mild weekend, that I would bake. Summer in Melbourne has been quite mild, so it’s been easier to cook than not.  And since my sister had kindly given me The Australian Women’s Weekly All-time Favourites, I decided to give these recipes a try. As you’d expect from the Australian Women’s …

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Nov 15

Cookbook 117: Eat With Love

I haven’t been blogging much recently or cooking for that matter, because I’ve been sick.  Treatment is over now, and I’m about to go to India for a wedding (and a cooking lesson).  Once I get back in early December I hope to return us all to our regular program. So… a while ago I …

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Apr 19

Cookbook 104: The Australian Women’s Weekly One Pot: Low-fuss food for busy people

One Pot: Low-fuss food for busy people was a birthday gift to myself, because AWW cookbooks are good, and one pot recipes in the colder months are the best invention ever.  Scott wanted to make a bourguignon recipe, and I remembered that this book had one with lamb shanks, so we went with that.  It …

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Dec 14

Cookbook 96: 4 Ingredients

This isn’t my cookbook.  4 Ingredients by Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham isn’t a book I was all that interested in cooking from either, as the whole idea of cooking with only 4 ingredients wasn’t particularly appealing.  I understand that this book is aimed at people who have little experience with cooking and/or who are …

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Nov 30

Cookbook 94: Chocolate

I’ve been saving up Chocolate by Trish Deseine for a day when baking lots of chocolate was an excellent idea, and what better time than just before Scott’s birthday?  This book is a range of chocolate recipes, from relatively simple biscuits (see Shortbread below), sauces, spreads, cakes and more. The instructions in the book are …

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Apr 13

Cookbook 71: The Australian Heritage Cookbook

I bought The Australian Heritage Cookbook: A collection of recipes and memories from Australian kitchens by Joy Hayes second hand – possibly sight unseen from an online book store.  I was looking for books with certain types of Australian recipes – either Golden Syrup dumplings, or jams and chutneys with Australian available ingredients.  This book …

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Nov 21

Cookbook 56: Comfort Food: Recipes to soothe, cheer, reassure and indulge

I bought Comfort Food: Recipes to sooth, cheer, reassure and indulge some years ago, and mostly because it has a stuck on velveteen texture on the cover, and books that feel good as well as sound good are hard to put down.  This book is odd though.  If I feel like comfort food should be …

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Oct 20

Cookbook 52: the cook’s companion

This time I cooked from the much loved, and epic, the cook’s companion by stephanie alexandre, touted as “The complete book of ingredients and recipes for the Australian kitchen”.  It’s a great book, it is incredibly thorough and lists far more recipes than I’ll likely ever cook in my entire life.  It is aimed at …

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Oct 18

Cookbook 51: Cakes & Slices Cookbook

This week I cooked from one of my favourite cake cookbooks, the Australian Women’s Weekly, Cakes and Slices Cookbook (available second hand in places if you look for it).  I wanted to steal my mother’s copy of this book when I moved out of home I loved it so much, but she wouldn’t let me.  …

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