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Nov 01

Cookbook 126: The Crazy Dumplings Cookbook

I ended up with The Crazy Dumplings Cookbook by Amanda Roberts when I backed her second volume of dumpling recipes on Kickstarter.  I like dumplings a lot, and I was intrigued by the idea that you really can fill dumplings with almost everything and they still taste amazing.  Naturally I went with the non-standard dumpling …

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Jul 10

A birthday feast in two courses

So I promised my sister that I’d make her a birthday feast at a time that worked for both of us, as a gift to her.  This weekend was the weekend in which we did it.  Jacinta’s (my sister) task was to select recipes that she wanted from my cookbooks.  As you can guess, this …

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Jul 10

Cookbook 124: The Working Cook: Quick recipes for busy people

I found The Working Cook: Quick recipes for busy people, by Carina Cooper, in Coburg’s Little Free Library.  I was lucky, because after I found this book and took it home, someone set the Little Free Library on fire, and everything was destroyed.  It’s since been restored, and I need to drop by again and …

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Jun 28

Cookbook 110: Vegie Food: from vegies on the side to the main event

My sister kindly gave me this book recently, she found it at a second-hand shop going cheaply and she thought I’d like the recipes in it.  She wasn’t wrong, Vegie Food: from vegies on the side to the main event, is full of great recipes.  It’s also out of print so probably generally hard to …

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Jun 08

Cookbook 107: Cheese

Apologies for the hiatus, I’ve been busy (mostly job hunting) and then away overseas on holiday.  I am three books behind and hope to get up to date with those asap, and to resume cooking regularly. This tiny cookbook was purchased second hand as a joke, because Scott likes cheese, and liked to answer “cheese” …

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Jul 26

Cookbook 83 (ish): Asian Cooking Made Easy

As we’ve previously established, I am addicted to cookbooks.  I find it very hard to say “no” when someone makes me an amazing offer of “buy these recipes on a periodical basis for not very much money, and we’ll throw in the supporting folders and other information”, I generally say, “yes please”.  And this is …

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Jul 05

Cookbook 81: Margaret Fulton’s Book of Quick Meals

Firstly, the recipes in Margaret Fulton’s Book of Quick Meals are not actually by Margaret Fulton, but by Michelle Berriedale Johnson.  That of course doesn’t stop them being quite tasty, though in some cases definitely a product of their time.  This book is designed to take advantage of frozen or pre-packaged foods where appropriate in …

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May 26

Cookbook 77: Share My Plate

I bought Share My Plate from the Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre one Sydney Road Street Party, as I thought it would be cool to support a great cause and to have more recipes from around the world.  This book is written by people who use the Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre, whether for communal meals, or …

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May 18

Cookbook 76: Margaret Fulton’s Italian Cookbook

I have a vague memory of buying this cookbook, it’s certainly mine, as it has my name written very carefully inside in my teenaged script.  It’s also very much a second hand purchase, probably from the Daylesford Bookbarn, where I would spend my allowance on second hand cookbooks whenever we went there for a picnic. …

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May 07

Cookbook 74: Spice Market

I never thought that I’d say this as part of this project, but I have a new favourite cookbook.  Spice Market by Jane Lawson is amazing.  I cannot recommend clicking on that link and buying that book strongly enough.  The recipes I made (and I made quite a number this week) are amazing and tasty, …

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