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Cookbook 135: New French Table

Scott’s parents gave him this cookbook from friends or friends or something like that. New French Table: A fresh take on classic recipes by Emily and Giselle Roux has a wide range recipes covering soups, salads, international influences, breads, preserves and desserts. I didn’t actually eat all the recipes I made from this book (because …

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Cookbook 129: The Complete Asian Cookbook: indonesia malaysia & singapore

I have problems with a book styling itself as The Complete Asian Cookbook: indonesia malaysia & singapore (by Charmaine Solomon) because that’s not all of Asia, even if it is a part of Asia whose food I really enjoy.  Oddly enough there are twice as many recipes for Indonesia than there are for Malaysia and …

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Cookbook 74: Spice Market

I never thought that I’d say this as part of this project, but I have a new favourite cookbook.  Spice Market by Jane Lawson is amazing.  I cannot recommend clicking on that link and buying that book strongly enough.  The recipes I made (and I made quite a number this week) are amazing and tasty, …

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