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Jun 08

Cookbook 107: Cheese

Apologies for the hiatus, I’ve been busy (mostly job hunting) and then away overseas on holiday.  I am three books behind and hope to get up to date with those asap, and to resume cooking regularly. This tiny cookbook was purchased second hand as a joke, because Scott likes cheese, and liked to answer “cheese” …

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Nov 30

Cookbook 95: the CSIRO total wellbeing diet

The CSIRO total wellbeing diet is a high protein, low carb diet put together by the CSIRO (and the Australian meat industry).  As it is very vegetarian unfriendly, I cooked a casserole from this book on a day when no vegetarians were present.  Also, being a book full of meat, there were no vegetable side-dishes …

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Aug 12

Cookbook 85: Family Favourites

My husband bought the Family Circle Healthy Eating, Family Favourites cookbook while shopping once, and I wasn’t hugely inspired by it, so never cooked from it.  I rectified that recently, and remain uninspired.  The main dishes I made weren’t bad, but the dessert was a disaster.  I don’t think I’ll be keeping this beyond this …

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Sep 10

Cookbook 48: The bon appétit fast easy fresh cookbook

A long time ago, before I went on holidays, and before the rush to be ready for holidays, say farewell to people, and pack… I cooked from Barbara Fairchild’s The bon appétit fast easy fresh cookbook (I’m not sure what should be capitalised or not).  The food was delicious, but the recipes were very US …

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Nov 27

Cookbook 19: a little taste of… morocco

I bought this cookbook for Scott for Christmas one year, the same year he bought me a Tagine.  At the time it was sold by Oxfam a shop I love to wander around in.  The recipes are neatly laid out, with insert photos of tricky or possibly confusing steps, the instructions are easily understood, and …

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Jul 29

Cookbook 7: Italian Food Safari

I’m going to be in Europe for a couple of weeks as of next weekend, so this project will be on hold (I’ll try and avoid buying cookbooks, and taking them with me) while I’m there, but will recommence on the weekend of 25 August. Anyway… this weekend was Italian Food Safari, which again taught …

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Jun 17

Cookbook 1: The Food of France: a journey for food lovers

The food of France: a journey for food lovers, recipes by Maria Villegas and Sarah Randell Today’s recipes were: Boef Bourguignon; Gratin Dauphinois; and Chocolate Mousse The beef bourguingnon is the longest and most time consuming of all these recipes, so if you are going to tackle it, time it out appropriately.  I also have …

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