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Mar 14

Cookbook 121: Moroccan soup bar: Recipes of a spoken menu and a little bit of spice

Because my husband’s boyfriend is a lovely and awesome man, he bought me the newly released Moroccan soup bar: Recipes of a spoken menu and a little bit of spice cookbook for Christmas.  I have been waiting for this cookbook for many many years.  I have eaten at the Moroccan Soup Bar several times, and …

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Nov 15

Cookbook 117: Eat With Love

I haven’t been blogging much recently or cooking for that matter, because I’ve been sick.  Treatment is over now, and I’m about to go to India for a wedding (and a cooking lesson).  Once I get back in early December I hope to return us all to our regular program. So… a while ago I …

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Jul 20

Cookbook 113: Breadmaking

This was definitely a second hand purchase, I know this because it has a dedication to Joan by Geavye (??) dated February 1984.  Breadmaking by Jill Graham is way out of print.  It’s a recipe book of bread, and really that’s all I want sometimes – a whole lot of bread, freshly made and so …

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Jul 26

Cookbook 83 (ish): Asian Cooking Made Easy

As we’ve previously established, I am addicted to cookbooks.  I find it very hard to say “no” when someone makes me an amazing offer of “buy these recipes on a periodical basis for not very much money, and we’ll throw in the supporting folders and other information”, I generally say, “yes please”.  And this is …

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Jun 09

Cookbook 78: The Best of Clay Pot Cooking

Do you ever wonder why some cookbooks have dust jackets, especially when the hard cover of the book is exactly the same as the print on the dust jacket?  Me too. The Best of Clay Pot Cooking by Dana Jacobi was a book I bought in the hope of finding recipes to use my clay …

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Dec 28

Cookbook 58: smart clay pot cookery

I love my Romatoff claypot, I have always wanted to cook all the food in it, but have struggled to find good recipes.  I once found a fantastic cookbook in my local library, but I had to return it, and it was out of print so couldn’t buy my own copy.  So when I found …

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Oct 20

Cookbook 52: the cook’s companion

This time I cooked from the much loved, and epic, the cook’s companion by stephanie alexandre, touted as “The complete book of ingredients and recipes for the Australian kitchen”.  It’s a great book, it is incredibly thorough and lists far more recipes than I’ll likely ever cook in my entire life.  It is aimed at …

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Jul 20

Cookbook 47: Cookery The Australian Way (4th Ed)

My version of Cookery The Australian Way (CAW) comes courtesy of my 9th grade Home Economics class (best class ever – cooking at school!!).  This version was written by Shirley Cameron, Suzanne Russell and Winifred Williams.  Pinknantucket Press has a beautiful article from Shirley Cameron on her reflections of creating each of the 8 editions …

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Jun 10

Cookbook 41: Cooking Class Cookbook

And may I present the Australian Women’s Weekly Cooking Class Cookbook.  I suspect that this cookbook was published before the AWW ensured their recipes were all triple tested, because there are some very odd instructions here, and some very weird page layout decisions.  Also, the photography dates from the late 70s early 80s, so the …

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Jan 31

Cookbook 27: Curry Bible

So I decided to make some curries, and good curries they were from the Curry Bible (or as it probably should have been called the Curry Gita).  Sadly this book is out of print, which explains why I got it so cheaply (though technically it should increase in price the rarer it is, but that’s …

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