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Cookbook 86: New Idea’s Chinese Cookbook

I was gifted New Idea’s Chinese Cookbook by my grandmother just after I moved out of her house, as she knew I liked to cook Chinese food.  I’m sorry to say that apart from looking at it from time to time, I didn’t cook from it.  It’s quite fragile, and as it turns out also …

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Cookbook 81: Margaret Fulton’s Book of Quick Meals

Firstly, the recipes in Margaret Fulton’s Book of Quick Meals are not actually by Margaret Fulton, but by Michelle Berriedale Johnson.  That of course doesn’t stop them being quite tasty, though in some cases definitely a product of their time.  This book is designed to take advantage of frozen or pre-packaged foods where appropriate in …

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Cookbook 48: The bon appétit fast easy fresh cookbook

A long time ago, before I went on holidays, and before the rush to be ready for holidays, say farewell to people, and pack… I cooked from Barbara Fairchild’s The bon appétit fast easy fresh cookbook (I’m not sure what should be capitalised or not).  The food was delicious, but the recipes were very US …

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Cookbook 38: hot and spicy

So I cooked from this UK cookbook (all the North sea fish were present) called hot and spicy.  Not exactly hot, a bit spicy, and really not all that interesting.  It cost a whole $3.95 at the time so we probably got our money’s worth.  The theme was cashews because yum… but then again not …

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Cookbook 26: the food of italy: a journey for food lovers

Yes, the title of the book, the food of italy: a journey for food lovers, is all in lower case, clearly Murdoch Press was being trendy at the time.  It’s not a bad book, there were some occasions where I wasn’t sure whether I was doing what was expected, but overall any mistakes made were …

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Cookbook 19: a little taste of… morocco

I bought this cookbook for Scott for Christmas one year, the same year he bought me a Tagine.  At the time it was sold by Oxfam a shop I love to wander around in.  The recipes are neatly laid out, with insert photos of tricky or possibly confusing steps, the instructions are easily understood, and …

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