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I have a new page!

I thought it might be useful to pull together some videos of various cooking techniques that may not be familiar to everyone – as well as those pesky oven temperature guides (so you don’t have to ask what exactly is a “moderate oven”). So I now have a How to information and other useful things …

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Quick news

Just to let you all know that the Cook Book Project will be on a brief hiatus while I enjoy myself at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.  Cooking will resume on the 21st (if I am not completely wiped out from a late night party the night before) and in the meantime why don’t you …

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Welcome to my project!

Hi there and welcome to my Cook Book project.  I am somewhat addicted to buying cook books, the idea of being able to cook tasty food from all around the world just seems so ripe with possibilities that I find it very hard to resist purchasing more and more books.  This of course is silly …

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