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Hi there and welcome to my Cook Book project.  I am somewhat addicted to buying cook books, the idea of being able to cook tasty food from all around the world just seems so ripe with possibilities that I find it very hard to resist purchasing more and more books.  This of course is silly given the number of free recipes on the internet, but I like books, so I just keep collecting them.

After my last purchase (5 books for $50), I decided that I needed to actually cook from the recipe books I owned (all of them) before I can allow myself to purchase another one.  So this project has the following challenge, one meat (where applicable), one vegetable (where applicable) and one dessert/entrée from each of the cook books I own.  I will exclude the reference cook books I own and clearly won’t be able to make main meals from the chocolate cook books I own, but will instead make delicious desserts.  This challenge has the added fun of me not being able to cook a recipe in a cook book that I have previously made before this challenge.

I aim to cook something extraordinary each weekend, and will update the blog with a photo/s of what is made,  as well as where the recipe is from (amazon/fishpond links as appropriate), and the recipe (that’s probably ok, it should be fair use, especially if I’ve had to substitute an ingredient because I am unable to obtain an equivalent in Australia).

If you need to contact me about this blog, you can do so at rebecca [dot] dominguez [at] gmail [dot] com.

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