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Cookbook 77: Share My Plate

I bought Share My Plate from the Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre one Sydney Road Street Party, as I thought it would be cool to support a great cause and to have more recipes from around the world.  This book is written by people who use the Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre, whether for communal meals, or …

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Cookbook 76: Margaret Fulton’s Italian Cookbook

I have a vague memory of buying this cookbook, it’s certainly mine, as it has my name written very carefully inside in my teenaged script.  It’s also very much a second hand purchase, probably from the Daylesford Bookbarn, where I would spend my allowance on second hand cookbooks whenever we went there for a picnic. …

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Cookbook 75: low-fat indian cooking

I’m not laying any claim to owning low-fat Indian cooking by Shezad Husain.  This is not to say it’s a bad book, just that I don’t think I’d buy a book on the amount of fat contained in the recipes.  To me, some food is lean, some food is not, and there is no judgement …

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Cookbook 74: Spice Market

I never thought that I’d say this as part of this project, but I have a new favourite cookbook.  Spice Market by Jane Lawson is amazing.  I cannot recommend clicking on that link and buying that book strongly enough.  The recipes I made (and I made quite a number this week) are amazing and tasty, …

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Cookbook 73: Easy Thai-style Cookery

Easy Thai-style Cookery from the Australian Women’s Weekly is certainly very Thai, but not quite as easy as you’d first think from the title.  The recipes in this book definitely required a trip to a well stocked Asian grocer, and is not very vegetarian friendly – though there are one of two recipes in the …

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