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Cookbook 65: The Preserving Book

My sister bought me this book because she is awesome.  Again it was part of my, “I need books that will help me preserve my harvest in very tasty ways” desire, and it met my needs perfectly. The Preserving Book is one that is great for beginners at preserving such as myself.  It lists techniques, …

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Cookbook 64: A Good Harvest: Recipes from the gardens of Rural Women New Zealand

I purchased this book, A Good Harvest: Recipes from the gardens of Rural Women New Zealand, when I had a glut of produce from my vegetable gardens and wanted some good ideas on things I could make/do to keep what I’d grown on the shelf for longer.  I found this book on Fishpond, and after …

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Cookbook 63: the round-the-world cookbook

I bought this cookbook second hand, from my favourite second hand bookshop in Australia, the Daylesford Book Barn (best place to be on a cold winter’s day). The round-the-world cookbook by Myra Waldo was written in conjunction with Pam American World Airlines (when they were a going concern), and published in the 1950/60s.  My copy …

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Cookbook 62: Favourite Cake Recipes

I was sick and busy, it was the last weekend of my holidays before I returned to work after Christmas, so I decided I’d make cakes – something easy that didn’t take too much time, and yet would be nice and tasty.  I found (and we don’t know who it belongs to in the house) …

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Cookbook 61: garth living: Barbecue Cooking Guide

I can’t actually find copies of this book on anything other than auction sites, so can’t provide a link for you to purchase one of your own.  I purchased “garth living: Barbecue Cooking Guide” (apparently a best seller), at Bunnings for my husband, when wandering through the barbecue accessories area.  It’s a book full of …

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