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Cookbook 47: Cookery The Australian Way (4th Ed)

My version of Cookery The Australian Way (CAW) comes courtesy of my 9th grade Home Economics class (best class ever – cooking at school!!).  This version was written by Shirley Cameron, Suzanne Russell and Winifred Williams.  Pinknantucket Press has a beautiful article from Shirley Cameron on her reflections of creating each of the 8 editions …

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Cookbook 46: Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook

Another one from the late 70s/early 80s stable of the Australian Women’s Weekly – the Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook.  Like many of the books produced by AWW around this time, it could do with some better play testing before being released into the wider market.  There are some really nice recipes in here, and they’re …

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Cookbook 45: A Taste of Morocco: From Harira Soup to Chicken Kdra

I invited some friends over for dinner and planned to cook a Moroccan feast for them, discovering moments before I was to go to the shops to buy ingredients that I had actually cooked from that book, but the note had fallen off the front.  I quickly went through my cookbooks and found another book, …

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Cookbook 44: vegie food: low-fat & delicious

This weekend’s book was the Australian Women’s Weekly vegie food: low-fat & delicious.  Quite frankly I’d rather see a “vegie food – all the tastiness we can cram in, bugger the fat”, but apparently that isn’t done.  I’m not going to get into the argument that vegetarianism is better for your health than any other …

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