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I have a new page!

I thought it might be useful to pull together some videos of various cooking techniques that may not be familiar to everyone – as well as those pesky oven temperature guides (so you don’t have to ask what exactly is a “moderate oven”). So I now have a How to information and other useful things …

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Cookbook 40: Homecooked: Favourite receipes from Australian Kitchens

So I found this beautiful cookbook, Homecooked: Favourite recipes from Australian Kitchens.  I can’t remember now if I bought it new or second hand, I’m thinking second hand as it was published in 2006 and I don’t recall getting it until the last couple of years.  Anyway, the cookbook is a collection of recipes submitted …

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Cookbook 39: Thai Cooking

So I cooked from the Family Circle, step-by-step Thai Cooking recipe book.  It was good, though not particularly vegetarian friendly (lots of fish sauce).  The green curry with chicken was a favourite, though watery – again the fault of our coconut cream and not the recipe.  The book overall has great recipes, good photos of …

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Cookbook 38: hot and spicy

So I cooked from this UK cookbook (all the North sea fish were present) called hot and spicy.  Not exactly hot, a bit spicy, and really not all that interesting.  It cost a whole $3.95 at the time so we probably got our money’s worth.  The theme was cashews because yum… but then again not …

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