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Cookbook 27: Curry Bible

So I decided to make some curries, and good curries they were from the Curry Bible (or as it probably should have been called the Curry Gita).  Sadly this book is out of print, which explains why I got it so cheaply (though technically it should increase in price the rarer it is, but that’s …

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Cookbook 26: the food of italy: a journey for food lovers

Yes, the title of the book, the food of italy: a journey for food lovers, is all in lower case, clearly Murdoch Press was being trendy at the time.  It’s not a bad book, there were some occasions where I wasn’t sure whether I was doing what was expected, but overall any mistakes made were …

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Cookbook 25: Bake: Celebrating the time-honoured tradition of home baking

I had a busy weekend, and so thought I’d do some baking, and I was bought a wonderful bench mixer by a fantastic group of people who love me, so I couldn’t not use it because that would be rude.  I chose to cook from the Australian Women’s Weekly, Bake: Celebrating the time-honoured tradition of …

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Cookbook 24: Moroccan Bible

So I cooked from the Moroccan Bible, which was less of a bible and more of a half decent cookbook.  It’s not a bad cookbook, it’s just not good either.  Some of the instructions are vague, “bring to the boil and then cook for X minutes” – does cooking involve a rolling boil, or is …

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Cookbook 23: 1000 Best-Ever Recipes from AWW

So the Australian Women’s Weekly, 1000 Best-Ever Recipes from AWW was on sale at some point for significantly less than the RRP, and I bought a copy of it.  Because despite the casual sexism (yes they have a section titled “just like mum made”), the recipes are triple tested and generally fairly easy for follow.  …

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