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Cookbook 19: a little taste of… morocco

I bought this cookbook for Scott for Christmas one year, the same year he bought me a Tagine.  At the time it was sold by Oxfam a shop I love to wander around in.  The recipes are neatly laid out, with insert photos of tricky or possibly confusing steps, the instructions are easily understood, and …

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From the recipe folder: Eggplant and Tomato Curry

This weekend I’m off visiting my parents again, and so don’t have time to go through one of my cook books and cook up something amazing.  And I’ve run out of recipes stored in my head, so this time I’m giving you my modification of this recipe. Ingredients: 2 large eggplants 1 teaspoon ginger paste …

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Cookbook 18: The new Muffin cookbook

It was Scott’s birthday this weekend so I asked him what he wanted cooked to celebrate his birthday.  He chose muffins, one of his favourite food groups.  I even got him to choose the recipes so he picked his favourite flavours.  All these recipes are by Family Circle, in the new Muffin cookbook.  They’re pretty …

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Cookbook 17: The Essential Rice Cookbook

I bought this book on sale at a bookshop which has downsized and only now has one store that I am aware of.  I bought it because the word “rice” is the biggest word in the title, and rice is one of my biggest comfort foods.  The idea of having an entire book of comfort …

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