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From the memory bank – Chicken and eggplant pasta

This weekend I’m visiting my parents in country Victoria so probably won’t get to cook from any of my books (unless I find I share one with my parents and the ingredients are available).  So to tide you over, here is a quick, easy, and tasty recipe I make when I have the ingredients around.  …

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Cookbook 11: a month in Marrakesh

This weekend’s book was Andy Harris’s book a month in Marrakesh, which was less successful from my end.  The starter we had was fantastic, the rest of the meal I was less than impressed with.  This was not the cook book’s fault, more that my taste and the flavours in the dishes I selected were …

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Cookbook 10: Meals in Minutes

As I was rather busy this weekend I thought I’d try The Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook, Meals in Minutes.  This cookbook belongs to Scott, and so by virtue of our relationship, ends up being mine and one that must be cooked from – well that’s my excuse.  The recipes are relatively straight forward, rely on …

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Cookbook 9: Turkish Cooking

This cookbook is Turkish Cooking by Tess Mallos.  Full of some really amazing recipes and one I definitely want to pick up again. A few tips before you start it is vitally important (I have discovered) that when purchasing dried beans for a recipe, that you make you sure purchase dried beans, and not (as …

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